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What Clients Are Saying

Jimmy is absolutely amazing. The process was seamless, amazing rate, and we closed in less than 2 weeks start to finish. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
-Brantley Reade

Jimmy is hands down the best out there! My husband and I were working with Academy Mortgage because they came highly recommend by friends and family. But after about 2 weeks of working with them, I could tell they did not take our loan seriously. They wouldn’t answer our questions, return our calls, and wouldn’t do the loan paperwork causing us to require an extension and almost lose the loan all together. We came to Jimmy with only 14 days left, just 2 weeks, before we were suppose to close and asked him to help us get this loan for our first home. Something that is suppose to take almost 45-60 days, Jimmy did it in just two weeks. I have never been more impressed with someone. Many times he would be texting and emailing us late at night to make sure we could get everything turned in in time as well as early morning emails and texts before we would even wake up. Jimmy took us seriously and did everything he could to get us that loan. And on top of it all, we got a lower interest rate and money back because he found mistakes the other mortgage company had made. I can not recommend Jimmy enough! Thank you so much!
-Breauna Ingram

Jimmy was amazing to work with. From the first appointment he told us what to expect and exactly how the process worked. Throughout the purchase experience he was in constant contact with information or answering our questions. He and his processors were always very professional and on top of each step that needed to be done. I would highly recommend Jimmy for any home buying or refinancing needs
-Brenda Hunsaker

Where do I begin with this review….Let me start out by saying I have worked with a LOT of different lenders in my time as a Realtor and I can honestly say that Jimmy Hobson is probably THE BEST lender I have ever worked with. NOW with that being said…..Just recently Jimmy has been a miracle worker for me and my client. STORY LINE: My client was turned down by another company and said company informed me of that literally 8 minutes before our financing deadline GRRRRR! I immediately rang Jimmy up and we are now closing on Wednesday this week…..2 weeks is all it took for him to pull this out of his “magic hat”…..on a VA loan. I would say the majority of my clientele are Veterans and I LOVE THAT! So when my client, who served our country, was turned down I was very upset for him and his family. I try to always use Jimmy BUT I PROMISE you that I will refer back to this story EVERY TIME I recommend lenders. He goes above and beyond any lender I have EVER worked for. And for that I appreciate you Jimmy, and your team. You make “Closing with Clausing” extremely easy. Thanks for everything.
-Catherine Clausing

Jimmy Hobson made the home buying process painless! Always had an answer for anything we asked. Will definitely be sending anyone and everyone I can his way! Thanks a million!
-Christopher Hughes

Jimmy was amazing to work with always answered my question pretty fast! He made everything very simple and easy!! Thanks Jimmy!
-Colby Brown

If you are active duty or a veteran please do yourself a favor and give Jimmy Hobson a call you will not be disappointed! This guy is honest and actually cares about you, he will always answer his phone 📲 as well as any questions you may have along the way! Thank you Jimmy for taking care of Our Service Men and Woman the way you do!
-Donald Gomez

I worked with Jimmy Hobson from Utah Mortgage. He was great at going into detail and answering all my questions. He always made himself available to answer questions as well. Very easy and straight forward to work with.
-Eric Bohne

Jimmy is the real deal! I’ve done a few transactions with him as a realtor, and my buyers have been nothing but thrilled and I’ve been nothing but impressed with his service, knowledge, skill, communication and ability to get my clients the best loan, in the shortest time, with ease for all involved. Buy or refi, yes, he is your guy!
-Francine Goitz

Jimmy Hobson is a miracle worker. Two week close over Thanksgiving? Bring it on he said, and he delivered. Our family is forever grateful. Not all heroes wear capes!
-Greg Dill

Jimmy is a great guy to work with. He took great care of me & my home loan. He worked hard to get me the best rate & a percentage down that worked for me and my personal needs. I’d recommend him to others going through the home mortgage process every time!
-Heather K Huntington

Jimmy Hobson is the best person in the broker business. He was available to speak and work for us 24/7 and was quick to respond to every request. It was always us waiting for the other lenders and brokers to get their stuff together and it really showed us how great Jimmy really is at what he does. He also made sure we understood everything that was going on every step of they way and it gave us a sense of empowerment instead of fear when we bought our home. I would recommend everyone to call Utah Mortgage and ask for Jimmy Hobson
-Heaven Mecham

Highly, Highly recommend Jimmy is amazing with VA loans!!! He helped my clients from start to finish and we closed fast!! A++++
-Jamie Eddy

I highly recommend Jimmy Hobson for all of your mortgage and real estate lending needs! If Jimmy can’t get it done, no one can. As a real estate agent, I know I can count on him to have the best rates, lowest fees, and to work as hard for my clients as I do, seven days per week! I have referred not just clients to Jimmy, but my family as well. He is no-pressure, high-efficiency, and delivers a high level of service.
-Jamie Sanders

Jimmy is nothing short of AMAZING! There are so many great things I can say about Jimmy and his team. But the proof is in his actions. Extremely knowledgeable, proficient, sincere and kind. I will continue to recommend Utah Mortgage. You don’t know what you are missing until you talk to Jimmy!
-Jana Carter

My wife and I just bought our first home and Jimmy made sure we were taken care of every step of the way. The whole process couldn’t have been smoother. We used a VA loan and other “big” corporate mortgage lenders made it feel like a car dealership by only giving you a “better” deal if another lender was more competitive. There was no BS with Jimmy. We got the best deal up front that these other lenders couldn’t compete with. 10/10 highly recommend.
-Joe Lee

Jimmy Hobson is extremely knowledgeable, competent, and professional. I had answers immediately and experienced a level of service well beyond my expectations. There was nothing he was not willing to explore or had answers why my interests would be a deadend. If you want someone you can trust that will go above and beyond, Jimmy is your man.
-Kevin Jacobsen

Jimmy Hobson is the best! He went above and beyond in helping my husband and myself with purchasing our house!
-Kristin Brough

Jimmy Hobson was great to work with. He was always available for any questions we had and got us the best rate possible. I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a new home. Thanks for everything!
-Matt Pinelle

Me and my wife ran into some issues with Academy Mortgage when we were working with Lynnae. We almost lost the loan until we were referred to Jimmy Hobson. Within a couple of weeks he had everything ready to go and made sure we were able to close on the house. We will definitely be going through him in the future when we decide to purchase another property. He was extremely professional, knew his stuff and was even apart of the actual closing process when we signed our final documents. Definitely a real down to earth and honest person.
-Matthew Woods

We just closed on our home and had the best experience with Jimmy Hobson. We met him about 2 or 3 months ago and I knew he was the guy to help us with our VA Loan. Right away he was professional and very open to listen to our needs. Thank you for great service! The Elson’s
-Melissa Elson

Jimmy kept me in the loop every step of the way, and worked to make sure I got the best mortgage rate! He went above and beyond beating other companies’ fees and rates. Easy to work with, and I highly recommend him. Thanks Jimmy!
-Mike Moklebust

Jimmy helped me and my wife get in to our first home. He made the whole process so easy. Not to mention he got us a fantastic rate!
-Quinn Ballou

Jimmy was excellent to work with! He quickly responded to any communication weather that be text, email, or phone call. He willing ran multiple different scenarios to give us the information we needed to make the best financial decision for our family.
-Raquel McBride

This my third real estate mortgage transaction. Let me tell you, my previous two experiences set the bar pretty low in terms of expectations and very high in terms of anxiety! Jimmy Hobson completely reversed that! He was so incredibly easy to work with that I can’t imagine ever doing any transactions with any one else. In the future, anyone I know who is in the market for a mortgage will certainly hear your praises from me!
-Rebecca Cable

Jimmy was always available to answer our questions. He worked very hard for us even though I did not have the best credit. He made it possible for my family to own a home. Yay for no more apartment living! Thank you Jimmy!
-Shawn Weatherspoon

I highly recommend Jimmy Hobson for all of your mortgage and real estate lending needs! If Jimmy can’t get it done, then it honestly can not be done. Jimmy is upfront and honest and will go the extra mile for you. As a real estate agent, I know I can count on him to work as hard for my clients as I do, If you are active duty or a veteran please do yourself a favor and call Jimmy first he will go above and beyond to ensure you get the best deal. I not only refer my clients to Jimmy, but my closest family members. He is no-pressure, high-efficiency, and delivers a high level of service. Jimmy is the real deal!
-Tamra Simons – Your Utah Realtor

We worked with Jimmy Hobson to finance our first home. He was always available for quick communication, answered any and all questions we had, and clearly explained all of the different mortgage options available with the pros and cons. I always felt secure that he was providing us the absolute best service! We got a great rate because Jimmy was regularly monitoring the interest rates to make sure we got the best we possibly could.
-Tatiana Messersmith

Jimmy Hobson got me a unbelieveable rate. he’s super courteous, responds fast, respectfully, and gets the job done right the first time. If he says he can do it, he will. If you’re a veteran do yourself a favor and work with Jimmy. He understands your unique needs, and will go out of his way to help you.
-Thomas A. Dedman

Jimmy Hobson is the kind of guy that works through the weekend to make sure your loan process goes smooth. If you want someone you can text in the middle of the night, Jimmy is your guy! I can’t wait to work with him again.
-Tyler Jacox

Jimmy Hobson has been awesome from start to finish, I thoroughly enjoy his no BS ways. I can’t ask for someone better.
-Tyler Simons

You might think that Jimmy is the best just based off of his beard…. But beard or not, the man is super detail oriented and will not only get your loan done ahead of schedule, but with the best rates and fees, every time. He also gives so much back to the community with various veterans programs. The man has a heart of Gold.
-Zach Spencer

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